Remembering Chris-Tia Donaldson

tgin and the tgin Foundation has lost a leader and visionary, and the world has lost a selfless, beautiful human being. Chris-Tia lived a life of service and was a force to be reckoned with inside and outside the beauty community. Through her purpose and passion, she redefined beauty and created a community of women empowerment – teaching us the importance of advocating for ourselves, especially our health.

We will continue Chris-Tia’s legacy through our dedicated work with tgin and the tgin foundation in the spirit of her excellence. Chris-Tia has touched all of our lives in many ways. We have dedicated this page to sharing our thoughts and remembrances. You can view some of these messages below. And share your own at 
I met Chris-Tia when I first applied to work at tgin in 2018. Back then, it was just her and a couple of people working in the marketing team. Before then, I had been through a time filled with anxiety and confusion after graduating, and I was desperate to find a place I could fit in and make an impact. Chris-Tia saw my potential and before I knew it, I was being entrusted with projects I never knew I could handle. She saw a potential in me that I didn't even know I had. She was intuitive, and she knew how to draw out the best in people, surprising each other along the way. She'd say "Kat, is this not crazy?" in awe of how much we've grown and done with so little. She encouraged me to say what I really felt, showing me that my voice is important. She empowered me to know when to "pull trigger" and trust my gut when I knew it was the right time. As a leader, she instilled a company culture unlike anything I've encountered. One that inspires everyone to be the best versions of themselves, to advocate for themselves, and foster a spirit of excellence. She poured herself into growing not just this company, but the people who grew with it, and for that I'm so grateful.
Kathryn Julian
My first memory of Chris-Tia was her barging into room 302 shouting JOHNNY JOHNNY WHERE'S JOHNNY? Then see me and go ohh you're not Johnny Hi im Chris-Tia and you must be the new guy..... My thoughts were this woman has a lot of energy and she's much shorter than I thought she would be lol When I first started working here my thoughts were probably like most, "its a nice job with decent pay" but honestly as time went by and I learned more about who she was as a person and everything she been through, my admiration for her grew and I wanted nothing more than to do the very best in my position to help the company grow. She used to have to tell me many times that its ok if something is late. She'd randomly G-chat me that or tell me in person dont stress about it . I'd come in on weekends or stay late to make sure orders were done and she loved that but would remind me that its ok and that she dont want to have to kick me out at quitting time personally lol Having personally been in her shoes battling an illness myself much similar to her I had nothing but respect for her. Beating the odds and taking that pain and turning it into a company that would help those of all walks of life. Like most recovering from what she went through she choiced to turn all that negativity into something positive instead of just succumbing to it. I just really wish I couldve shared my own personal experiences with cancer with her to tell her how much it made me happy she was a survivor.
Darius Tate
Chris-Tia! There are honestly no words to express the immense pain that I feel hearing about your passing. I want you to know that I have dedicated a post to you in your honor. I want you to know I finally got my PhD and am still pursing my international work like we talked about. You were my mentor, sister, and friend. May you rest in Power! Until we meet again. Love always, Dr. Maya Angelica.
Dr. Maya Angelica
This is the woman who trusted me in business more than I trusted myself at times, Chris-Tia Donaldson, the Harvard Lawyer + tgin Founder and CEO. She asked me a question once. I responded by saying “I Don’t Know”, (because I really didn’t lol). She hit me with the Steve Jobs ideology and said “yes you do. I don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do. I hire smart people for them to tell me what to do”. I carried that … 💜 Thank you for trusting me to lead the direction of your baby, the TGIN Foundation. We fought the good fight and had a great time along the way. We shared ideas, traveled, closed deals and so much more. You were one the strongest women I’d ever met who showed up with enthusiasm even when you weren’t feeling your best. I am heart broken. I really am But, I am blessed to have worked alongside a person with your character, work-ethic, and resilience. A self-made millionaire who was still very much the girl next door. I appreciate the lessons, all of them (even this one), which is, LEGACY! Build & leave a legacy! Chris-Tia, you were here! Job well done, Sis! Job well done. Rest in power.
Erica Love-Ezell
I just wanted to express my sincere condolences. Chris-Tia will be truly missed.
An Angel Got Her Wings Like a bird flying high refusing to touch the ground Tia you were not going to be grounded You stood up in the midst of your fight Soared you company to accelerate Being your best self you fueled other women Natural hair grew and so did you Writing a book to crown the queens of natural hair Chris your dared to believe you could achieve success Natural girls came knocking at your door for more You did not disappoint TGIN was born Remedies, melodies, to sing while washing our crowning glory We heard your word and it became our Holy Grail from God “Love your own hair and it will grow and be a blessing to you.” Hair shampoo moisturizers too, tea tree, vitamin gummy bears loaded with B12, B6 and more, Lord our hair started to grow Curls twisting and popping no more negative thoughts So your pink babies bought and bought Chris you have so many women whom you have changed their lives Just by helping them be free So as you ascended to the Father your new wings like an Angel, no longer a bird, will never have to slow down to pain God blessed “Thank God I’m Natural” and you. We see you boo God blessed you Tia, now rest Love never knew how much you grew, till you spread it on everything you touched including us. From your TGIN Girls love you forever Sis
Mikaeli King
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